Swing Alive Orchestra

Guys and Dolls
slap on your spats,
put on your two-tones,
hike up your skirts
and get hip to Terry
Thompson's SWING
& PARTY BAND consists of six
musicians (Terry on guitar, sax,
trumpet, trombone, bass & drums)
plus our very popular female vocalist.
The band might start off the evening
with some great classic swing music
(i.e. Glenn Miller's "In the Mood",
Benny Goodman "Sing, Sing, Sing",
Sinatra music, etc.) and later on some
new Swing (Zoot Suit Riot!, JumpJive &
Wail/Gap Commercial) later on plus
the favorite oldies for party rock 'n' roll. Jiving', jumpin', croonin'
and swoonin'- it's the SWING THING and it's a gas!
And speaking about
something that's a
gas, Terry Thompson
Productions presents
our swingin' glitzy
Rat Pack Revue
featuring vocalist
Dean Christopher. This is how you Swingers can relive
that Swingin' Glitzy Martini & Lounge era.
Dean Christopher
"Swing with Dean & the Band"
Dean swings with
the Terry Thompson
Swing Alive Orchestra
as a vocalist or, if you
really want to treat your
guests to a special
event, Dean and
the Band present a
swingin', fun-filled very entertaining Las Vegas style show.